di*ver*gent adj. 
Departing from convention. 


"Embrace Difference" 

Our clients want their
financial services delivered
in a different way. 

What We Can Help You With

Divergent Planning can help you with all aspects of your financial planning and management.

 » Financial Advice and Planning
» Asset Management
» Small Business Owner/Self-Employed
» Socially Responsible Investing

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May 4, 2015
    Ara's Commentary can be found here.
February 10, 2015
Our financial planning platform, eMoney, made a major announcement last week. They were bought by Fidelity. There was an immediate

A Strategy for Today & Tomorrow

So much emphasis has been put on planning for the future and saving for retirement. It is this societal pressure that has led so many individuals and families to forget how to live for today. At Divergent Planning, we help you put together a strategy that will ease these pressures and give you a sense of comfort knowing you are planning for your future WHILE living a lifestyle you want today.